Nepal Disaster Risk Reduction Project

Nepal Disaster Risk Reduction Project

From: Jan 21, 2018 - To: Sep 30, 2020

Project Description:

Outcome: – System for disaster risk management works effectively from community through to district and national levels to reduce risks and ensure communities respond effectively and recover quickly from disasters
WVIN/ASTHA will work with other partners and government- particularly with Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Federal affairs and Local Development. WVIN/ASTHA will also lead/engage with other networks such as AINTDGM, DPNet, Redcross and other agencies to pressurize and support government in effective implementation of existing strategy and formulating DRM policy and guidelines. WVIN/ASTHA will work with local government (DAO and DDC) to develop and review the disaster risk management plans at local level.
Working with local government, this technical programme will facilitate the development local disaster risk management plans at community level. WVIN/ASTHA will also work with local government to build capacity
of local government (including DDC, DADO, DPHO, DEO) to strengthen their capacity on mainstreaming DRR into development planning and allocate more resources on DRR. WVIN?ASTHA will also work with to the government. In an urban context WVIN will pilot a child focused urban resilience project and work with urban authority and communities to assess risks and facilitate to build plans in addressing those risks. Working with communities and partners to strengthen the DRM system will enable communities and partners to collectively work and better manage disaster risk in the communities.

Location / Districts

Panchdewal Binayak Municipality, Kamalbazar Municipaliity, Sanfebagar Municiality and Mellekh Rural municipality Achham

Funding Source

World Vision International Nepal

Traget Group

1. Children, especially those
• Children and adolescents
• Marginalised groups and lower caste
• With disabilities or parents have disabilities
• Whose parents are under 18 years old
• Not living with parents (orphaned or parents have migrated)
• With no birth registration
• Registered Children
2. VDC and DDC Governance
• VDC and DDC budgets and child friendly governance plans
3. All Parents, especially those
• Parents with disabilities
• From Dalit families and minorities
• Are under 18 years old (those of early marriage)
• Whose children are out-of-school
• Parents of adolescent children
• Parents of girls practicing chaupadhi or vulnerable to child marriage (link to CPs TA)
4. Communities
• Parents
• Political leaders/ groups
• Local NGOs/ FBOs/ CBOs/ Groups
• Child / youth Clubs
• Faith leaders and communities
• Other INGOs / LNGOs
5. Local Authorities
• VDC/ Municipality
6. National level
• National faith leaders and communities
• Coalitions/Networks/ Consortiums

About Astha

ASTHA Nepal has been mobilizing the unused and underutilized resources available within the society. ASTHA has been implementing community development pASTHA Nepal has been mobilizing the unused and underutilized resources available within the society.