Executive Board


ASTHA Nepal is governed by a team of dedicated and selfless volunteers having extensive knowledge in different areas of discipline. The executive committee is elected every three years through election. The current committee was formed on 2075 Bhadra,9 B.S. (25, Aug. 2018 A.D.). List of the Executive Committee officials is presented below:


SN Designation Name Address Contact  information Photo
1 Chair person Mrs. Durga Bhandari Mangalsain Municipality, Achham drugavandari@gmail.com  


2 Vice-Chairperson Mr. Madan Kumar Shahi Thatikhand RM-03, Dailekh shahimadan@gmail.com


3 Gen. Secretary Mr. Tilak Parja (Chepang) Benighat Roranga Rm-3, Dhading tilakchepang@yahoo.com


4 Secretary Mr.Nirajan Bahadur Shahi Panchdewal Municipality-5, Achham  nirajanshahi03@gmail.com


5 Treasurer Mrs. Apsara Bhattarai Panchadewal Municipality-2, Achham apsarabhattari2072@gmail.com


6 Member  

Mr. Hem Bahadur Waiba

 Semjong-5, Dhading hemwaiba@astha-nepal.com


7 Member Mrs. Nirmala Rawal Mangalsain Municipality Achham nirmalarawal2080@gmail.com


8 Member Mrs. Bandana Poudel Rampur-01, Dang Poudel_band@yahoo.com


9 Member Mr. Paile Damai Panchdewal Municipality-5, Achham Prakash.nepali2012@gmail.com


10 Member Mr. Mahesh Bahadur Shahi Panchadewal Municipality-2, Achham maheshshahi66@gmail.com


11 Member Mr. Padam Sunar Dullu Municipality, Dailekh Padamsunar5@gamil.com



ASTHA Nepal has a sound human resource base. Apart from the Core staff, ASTHA has maintained a roster of professionals, who are available on request and as required by the organisation. At present the following expertise is available within ASTHA Nepal:

  • GESI, leadership and development
  • NRM/ horticulture/ agro-forestry practices
  • Sustainable soil management
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Cooperative management and Micro finance
  • Micro enterprise, market linkage and management
  • Social mobilization and community development
  • Multiple Water Use System/ Micro- irrigation
  • Formal/ non- formal education

ASTHA Nepal has altogether 86 staff (including research professionals) and 9 experts. List of senior level staff with their expertise: